£5.00 per a person per session
(this price may rise as set by Stevenage Leisure limited
so please always check with them on 01438 363200 Box Office)
Twice a month I set projects for students details are below.

Stevenage Leisure Centre Art Class: 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 10am – 12, Plus optional Full day Session once a month.




Monday 3rd September


PRIVATE VIEW Monday 10th September (afternoon) Tea and Cakes. 1pm – 2pm

Art and Cakes

Monday 3rd September

Wednesday 5th September

Friday 7th September

Botanical drawing:

Students will create an accurate pencil drawing of a real plant. They will then use either inks or watercolour to create realistic representation of the plant.

Thick paper, water colours or inks, brushes, HB pencil, rubber sharpener and a flower or plant.

Weeks between are students own project. 
Accept Monday 17th which is full day session

Monday 17th September

Art History: Contemporary Life drawing/painting:

There are three artist who explore life drawing/painting is very different ways. Choose an artist and create your own version using their mediums.

Raluca Vulcan – Pastels/charcoal on light gray paper

Julie Cochrane – Paint and newspaper collage

Nicky Basford – Water colour and ink

A2/A3 paper size. Please choose an artist and use the same medium as per the list opposite.

Monday 24th September
Wednesday 26th September
Friday 28th September

Inspirational Artists: Water colour or Inks Birds.

Explore the art works of: Poppy Melia, Sylvia Farrow, Lucy Newton and Karl Martens, in this session. Use their unusual and expressive style to create your own bird art work.

 A3 Water colour paper, water colours or inks, brushes masking fluid, washing up-liquid, sponge (optional), tooth brush (optional), gum Arabic (optional).

Monday 1st October
Wednesday 3rd October
Friday 5th October

Sun set silhouettes in Pastels (exploring Negative space):

Students will explore negative space by studding the shapes of space through a forest during a sun set.

A3 Black sugar paper (available to purchase from Kim – 10p sheet), soft pastels, hair spray, spare paper to lean on.


Weeks in-between are students own project.


Friday 26th October

Monday 29th October

Wednesday 31st October

Pen Still Life of Vase of Flowers:

Working in various black pen thickness students will create an ink drawing of the flowers and vase.


A2 Cartridge paper, Various black pens.


Weeks in-between are students own project.


Friday 2nd November

Monday 5th November

Wednesday 7th November

Fruit and Vegetable Still Life:  

Work in any medium (drawing materials) you wish whether it be coloured mediums (paints/pastels) or mono (pencil/charcoal), study contours, proportions and tone.


A2 or A3 Paper, (appropriate paper for the medium you choose). Paints or pencil etc
Kim will have paper for sale should you need it.


Weeks in-between are students own project.


Monday 26th November

Wednesday 28th November

Friday 30th November

Portraits: Facial Features study in colour;

Students will create detailed coloured art works focusing on a facial feature.


Paints or pastels, paper A3 size.