In 5th Century BCE, there was a great debate between two Greek philosophers, Parmenides and Heraclitus. Parmenides thought that reality is timeless and unchanging while Heraclitus, in contrast believed that the world is a process of ceaseless change, flux and decay.

Reality for Heraclitus was dynamic and ephemeral. Indeed the world is so fleeting, according to Heraclitus that is impossible to step twice into the same river.

These ideas were the cultivation of science, well over 2000 years later and we are still disputing this debate, however personally I side with Heraclitus. For me nothing stays the same, the person I am today will be different by tomorrow – both physically and psychologically. 

Time (a mysterious force that we may only perceive to make sense of reality) wears us away, our memories are in constant flux sometimes becoming rose-tinted while others form fears, shaping our daily choices and a inaccurate perception of reality both past and present.

My paintings explore our constant perception of space and time. I have utilised objects without consciousness because within quantum physics consciousness effect overall results not giving a true representation. The very act of conscious observation changes the results - I refer to the double slit experiment which demonstrates how light can alternate from a particle to a wave or vice-versa due to observation.

I try to remove forms of conscious observation from the paintings  to eliminate such inaccuracy. 

The objects within the paintings are also a symbolic reference to Newtonian law which are the foundations under-pining human perception of reality as a objective universe.