NO Experience required, please contact for further details
Tuesday 30th May 2017 (10am – 12pm).
The Rescue cobs Horses: Woolmer green , Hertfordshire.
A morning of drawing beautiful horses – You can choose to study these beautiful creatures up-close or you can keep your distance and admire them from a far, the choice is yours. Local cafe, art gallery and amenities plus the horse charity will receive a healthy donation from the session to look after these beautiful animals. Please bring your own drawing materials and sandwiches as the cafe focus is deliciously rich chocolate cakes and various teas.
£16.00 per person (spaces are limited, please try and book by 7th May, later places may be available please inquire). Children over 14yrs allowed when accompanied by an adult.

Thursday 15th June 10am – 1pm:
 St Albans Cathedral drawing sessions, Hertfordshire.
Meeting by the cathedral, the group will study both the inside and outside of this amazing building, exploring perspective and measuring skills, plus the bucket loads of heritage carved in the spectacular wooden areas.
£25.00 per Adult (spaces are limited so booking advisable please bring your own drawing materials).

Thursday 13th July
Whipsnade Zoo: Bedfordshire (Flexible day):
Meeting at 10.45 am students will be given their entry tickets where they will be given the option to look around this amazing conservation project on their own or as part of a group and find their feet, before settling down to a lunch at 12.00. Then the afternoon will be a three hour drawing session focusing on a range of animals from around the Zoo – comfortable foot wear is a must!
£45.00 per Adult - Please book by end of June due to ticket reservations.
(spaces are limited please bring you own drawing materials/Lunch not included).

Thursday 20th July 10am – 12pm and the 1pm – 3pm (an hour for lunch)
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge:
Full day of drawing with fun museum studies in the morning and then fine art sketching in the afternoon. I plan to book a tour of the gallery further details will be upon any provisional bookings.
£30.00 per person – Please try and book by end of June, later bookings may be available please enquire
(spaces are limited so booking advisable please bring your own drawing materials/Lunch not included).

Tuesday 25th July 10am – 1pm
Jordan Mill:
A fun and relaxing place to paint and sketch; students may either focus on the Mill and practice measuring and perspective observations or concentrate on the beautiful river and playing with colour.
£25.00 per Adult
(spaces are limited so booking advisable please bring your own drawing materials/lunch can be brought from Restaurant if you wish to stay and continue working).

Thursday 3rd August (11.30 – 1.30 meet boat and draw/travel along river)
Hertford to Ware Water Taxi drawing session, Hertford:
Should you want to use your return ticket the last boat is at 2pm from Ware to Hertford.
Catching a water taxi from Hertford along the River Lee, students will draw the passing scenery. The boat has toilet amenities and food and drink for sale. Price includes return ticket back to Hertford should you wish to travel back and maybe buy an ice cream as a reward for all that art work!!
£25.00 per Adult – Please book by end of June,
later booking may be available.
(spaces are limited so booking advisable please bring your own drawing materials).

Thursday 10th August 10am – 1pm
Shaws Corner:
A calm and peaceful morning painting/pastel workshop in the back garden of one of the most famous Hertfordshire play rights, you can focus on either the house or the garden, the choice is yours.
£25.00 per Adult
(spaces are limited so booking advisable please bring your own drawing materials).

"Learn techniques and skills whiling pushing your understanding
of art to new levels"
 Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Adult Art Sessions:
 Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre, Hertfordshire.
(10am -12pm, except bank holidays).
 A warm and welcoming class for any ability where students have the opportunity to explore various mediums and styles.
 No need to book just turn up and pay at the box office, please remember to bring your own materials.

Should you have any queries please feel free to contact Kimberley.
For further details are available from the box office on 01438 363200 or go to www.stevenage-leisure.co.uk 


Tuesdays during term time: Art Basic's & Beyond by CW ENTERAINMENT:
Vineyard Barns, Welwyn Garden, Hertfordshire. 
(10am -12pm or the afternoon sessions are 2pm - 4pm).
A exciting and alternative art class for those with a sense of curiosity within
the creative disciplines. Every week is a different experience extending your understanding and knowledge of art in stimulating and intriguing way while building excellent foundations and knowledge within a large variety of techniques and academia. Suitable for any ability as support and guidance will be provided along with hand-outs.
The sessions are booked via CW Entertainment box office or on their website: http://www.cwentertainment.info/courses.php
Courses run in terms through out the duration of the year (which are approx 12-14 week long).
Sept - December, January - April and April to July.

Please e-mail me for details of the projects and sessions, please note you will need your own materials. To book go to http://www.cwentertainment.info/courses.php or phone the box office on 0300 3039 620.


Sue Conway says. "Kim has freed us all from anxiety that we might not be good enough to do this and engages everyone intelligently about the origins of art. It's safe enough for beginners yet challenging at the same time.

"This course really broadens your outlook", said course member Gillian Bonfield. "It has made us all a lot more open-minded about art and everyone tries to come each week because we always learn so much".

e.mail: kimberleybevan@yahoo.co.uk Hertfordshire | 07941540726